The APP Benelux, in full the Association of Professional Piercers for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, is an international, non-profit organization focused on health and safety within the body piercing industry. Led by a voluntarily elected board, the APP Benelux is dedicated to promoting safe body piercing by disseminating up to date information to professional piercers, health professionals, legislators, health and safety organizations and the general public as well as promoting safe practices through education.

What we do

As stated in our goal, we focus on promoting safety in the body piercing industry.

  • Disseminate information regarding safe body piercing
  • Organize seminars, lectures and workshops on techniques, entrepreneurship, hygiene and safety for body piercers
  • Encourage piercers to meet the APP Benelux membership requirements and offers a platform where it can be verified that someone meets this standard. 
  • Manage social media pages where the general public can ask questions regarding piercings and piercing related matters in a safe environment.
  • Our website, where information regarding piercing can be found for piercers, lawmakers and the general public.
  • Provide information and support to policy makers and health organizations
  • Collaborate with other piercer organizations in Europe and around the world.
  • Provide a unified platform for piercers

What we DON’T do:

The APP Benelux is an organization of volunteers and mainly stands for sharing information. We do NOT:

  • Act as “piercing police”. We do handle complaints to our members and we also act on false claims of membership.
  • Prescribe piercing techniques for our members, which aftercare is recommended or which piercings our members choose to offer
  • Train piercers or provide training to become a piercer. Members do receive a membership certificate that shows that a piercer is a member of the APP Benelux. Persons that have attended a lecture, seminar or workshop will receive a certificate showing which lecture, seminar or workshop has been attended
  • Have an opinion on other forms of body art such as tattooing, body modification, scarification, branding, etc. The APP Benelux focuses exclusively on piercing, members are free to offer other forms of body art in addition to piercing, provided this is not contrary to (local) legislation.