How can I become a member

So what do you have to do to become a member? Well it’s very easy, you simply provide us with the information we need so we can determine that you meet or exceed all membership requirements. just follow these steps:

  • You can send us all information as listed below. This can be done by email, we-transfer or any other means that you know. Just make sure you send all the information at once or that every separate message is labelled the same. 
  • You will be sent an invoice for your application fee (only for new members and will cover the costs of reviewing the information.) and membership fee (yearly). Note that you can write this off as a business expense. 
  • Once we receive confirmation that payment has been made we will review your application. 
  • If we find anything missing or out of order you will be notified and you will be given time (how long) to make adjustments and re-submit. 
  • Once we confirm that you meet or exceed all requirements you will be notified and your membership certificate will be sent to you by mail. 

And that’s how simple it is, you are now a member of the APP Benelux with all benefits that come with that, congratulations!