Why become a member?

You’ve been piercing for years, your shop is doing well, why should you join. An honest question that deserves an honest answer. The APP Benelux is an association of piercers and therefore we know the piercing industry in the Benelux like no other. We know what’s going on, we know the legislation and we are ready to assist you. 

Some of the advantages of being a member:

  • Discounts on lectures, seminars and workshops organized by the APP Benelux
  • Discount at selected suppliers
  • The power of an organization. It strengthens your position and reputation when you are a member of an association that focuses on safety and hygiene. When it comes to dealing with legislators, health organizations or even customers, having an organization behind you also makes you legally stronger.
  • The APP Benelux standard is internationally recognized, which means that members, simply by being members, have shown that they take extra measures with regard to safety and hygiene compared to the legal minimum requirements. In a time where customers become more and more aware of hygiene and safety this is an absolute boost of confidence in your business
  • Your name and studio is registered on the “find a member” section of the website. An extra platform where you can be found!
  • Promotion by the APP Benelux is promotion for you. 
  • Sharing your work (with credits of course!) on APP Benelux social media.
  • Referrals. Members form a network of piercers who refer clients to each other and by doing so, provide extra work for other members. You have the advantage that you can always find a studio that you know works safe in case a customer is too far away from your studio.
  • Access to members only forum where a community of piercers share experiences, news and tips & tricks in a friendly and confidential environment.
  • Use of name and logo of the APP Benelux (according to the guidelines for the use of name and logo)

Membership of the APP Benelux has a lot of advantages for you!