Pierce the same spot twice

– Can I be pierced twice in the same place?

When you lose or remove a piece of jewelry, it is possible that a piercing will close. Very annoying, especially when you were satisfied with the placement. It is often possible to re-pierce in the same place, but the tissue must be sufficiently healed. To re-pierce in the same place, it is wise to wait at least 3 months from the moment the jewelry has been removed. The wound itself is often closed much earlier but it takes time for the underlying tissue to heal. 

After 3 months it is wise to have it checked by your piercer first. Exactly how long it takes depends on a lot of factors such as how old the piercing was when the jewelry was removed, how quickly you heal, does it get enough rest during healing, etc. Three months is often enough, but sometimes more time is just needed. Re-piercing too quickly can cause all kinds of unpleasant complications and the wound often heals less well. Tell your piercer how long it has been healing and have them assess the site of the piercing. When your piercer advises you to wait, it is wise to take that advice to heart. A professional piercer puts your health first.

If you do not want to be pierced exactly in the old place but within a radius of about 5mm around the old hole, it is also wise to let it rest for the full 3 months and then have it checked by a piercer. If you want to get a new piercing further than 5mm away from the old site it can sometimes be pierced sooner. Discuss such wishes with your piercer, who can tell you what is possible. In any case any swelling that may be present needs to be gone.