Twisting with piercings

Do I have to twist the jewellery during healing?

NO! Very simply said, never twist or move the jewellery of your piercing, it will only lead to longer healing times and complications like bumps and infections. Whenever you twist the jewellery, crusties are being torn loose from the skin and the wound is opened up again. Through your hands, bacteria can spread to that freshly opened wound causing infection. Besides that, dirt and bits of that crust may be pulled inside the piercing causing irritation and twisting jewellery is a major cause for those pesky bumps.

A piercing really cannot “grow” into the body. When something has to grow firmly in the body (as with some surgical implants) the surface of that implant has a very rough finish and holes have been made in which tissue can grow. Piercing jewelry has a smooth finish because even micro scratches can cause irritation. That smooth finish prevents jewellery to grow in your body