Brass, copper, and silver are often used to make jewelry, and for good reason. These materials are easy to work with so that many different designs are possible and they are affordable. The major disadvantage of these materials is that they react with, for example, oxygen and thereby release substances that can be harmful. Jewelry made of these materials should therefore not be worn for too long a period at a time and only in fully healed piercings.

Silver is most commonly used in jewelry because of its beautiful white shine and price. Sterling silver or 925 silver means that there is 92.5% silver in the alloy but it doesn’t say what else is in it. So always ask if the jewelry is at least nickel-free.

Silver reacts to oxygen which turns the jewellery black over time. If you wear silver in fresh or healing piercings, this black discoloration can penetrate the skin and the skin turns black. This discoloration can be permanent. Therefore, only wear silver jewelry in fully healed piercings. The discoloration can be easily polished from the jewellery itself.