Gold is one of the oldest materials used in the medical world and for good reason. Gold is a precious metal that doesn’t react to oxygen, it does not rust and does not release harmful substances. Gold is relatively easy to work with and therefore there are endless different designs available. Pure gold is very soft and therefore not widely used. Other elements are added to make the metal stronger and to influence the color. There is yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. How much pure gold an alloy holds is expressed in carats. 24 karat gold is pure gold, 12 karat is 50% gold and 50% other elements. Often a gold alloy of a higher carat is more expensive because there is more gold in it. For fresh piercings, gold of 14 karat or higher is suitable. In addition to the amount of gold in the alloy, it is also important to look at what other elements it contains. It must not contain elements that can cause irritation. Nickel and cadmium are sometimes used in gold alloys. Always check whether the gold jewelry is 14 carat gold or higher and is nickel and cadmium free.