Organic materials is a collective term for materials that come from nature such as wood, stone, bone and horn. These are mainly used for plugs, tunnels and larger sizes of earrings (weights). Widely used and with good reason as they can be exceptionally beautiful materials with a number of good properties. Organic material is only suitable for fully healed piercings as they cannot be sterilized and are poreus.


There are hundreds of different types of wood and each type has different qualities. The quality of a specific type of wood is often judged on the drawing, so wood with a nice pattern in the grain is rated higher. Not all woods are suitable, some are too soft, too porous and some are even toxic. Wood must be well finished so that it is as smooth as possible. The quality of the finish varies greatly from one manufacturer to another. Know that the cheap plugs can generally be offered at a low price because they are often not made of the finest qualities of wood or because the finish is below standard.

Horn and bone

Horn and bone are both materials that have been used in jewelry for millennia. They can be very beautiful materials but make sure to check that surface finish because both horn and bone can be quite porous. A good finish is essential.

Since this material comes from animals, it is also important to check its origin. Unfortunately, it is still too common that materials are offered that have been obtained in an unethical manner and that bring unnecessary pressure and suffering to nature. Suppliers who cannot prove the origin of the material they sell should be avoided


Stone also includes crystals and petrified materials and is often used for plugs and weights. As with most materials there are hundreds of different types and qualities in all kinds of colors and variations and as with other materials it is important to keep a close eye on the surface finish and quality of the stone itself. Again, the smoother the finish the better. The quality of the material is often directly seen in the price,