Titanium is one of the best materials for piercing jewelry. It is strong, will not rust, it is nickel free, hypoallergenic and lightweight. Titanium can also be anodized with which your jewelry can be made in all kinds of beautiful colors. There are many different types of titanium, the ones that are suitable for wearing in your body are made and tested according to medical guidelines (surgical implants are also made of this material) and have an ASTM or ISO standard code. The most commonly used types of titanium for medical (and therefore also for piercing) purposes are:

  • ASTM F-136
  • ASTM F-1295
  • ASTM F-67

Your piercer checks with the jewelry supplier whether they can prove whether or not the jewellery is made with implant grade titanium by requesting so-called “mill certificates”. The APP Benelux also checks whether a supplier can prove these claims with correct certificates and shares this information with, among others, the members of the APP Benelux so that you can be sure that your jewelry is made of materials that are really safe and suitable.